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20th & Welton is simple street running station located on the Central Corridor Line, Denver's original Light Rail Line that opened in 1994. The stop is located at street level just north of downtown north of the main street running loop so it is only served by Line 'D'. The main platform consists of an island platform for the stops two tracks on the west side of Welton street on a strange diagonal block between its starting point at the odd intersection of Broadway, 19th St and 20th Avenue, and 20th Street. As is typical for Denver (and I don't know anywhere else where so many stops are designed to have doors open on both sides of the train) southbound trains that are alongside the sidewalk also open their doors on it although it simply has a tactile warning strip and nothing else, just north of the station the tracks go diagonally across Welton street to its opposite side for the rest of there ten block trip north on it. The only notable station furniture are some awnings at either end of the platform covering the two ADA mini-high platforms (one for service in each direction) and a bench, and a TVM beyond the mini-high. The platform is extremely narrow and ramps lead up to it from the far ends of the platform, requiring regular passengers needing the island platform to cross in the middle of it.
All photos in this section taken on 21 November, 2008
A vacant lot near the train tracks south of 25th & Welton
The two tracks switch into one
A northbound train is about to cross 24th Street and single track
SD-160 LRV #207 stops
SD-160 LRV #207 about to leave
The platform and street scene
The small awninged area
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